My Big Move (not the real one…)

Almost a year ago, I moved to Florida.

A few months ago, I moved back to Illinois.

That was the biggest move I have ever made.

Except for the one I am going to share with you now:

I have my own website. It is really just a hosted WordPress site (which apparently doesn’t function with, at least not in the “social media” aspect of it).

I’m not “moving” all my current stuff to my new blog. Instead, I’m starting from scratch. For a while I’m going to try and share the posts on this blog.

As you’ll see if you read the post linked above, I’m going to try (maybe) to work harder on some things. Only because they, themselves, will be hard. My new blog will hopefully grow… with posts. I don’t care about views. Although, those would be nice. And hopefully branch off into YouTube (or whatever we should be using now because YouTube is fraking monitization and ruining YouTubers all over the web).

Wish me luck!

-Diggs out

P.S. – I’m keeping certain things I do, such as the “P.S.” section. I’m also going to occasionally talk to my self, my brain, or my “plot device”. And I would like to begin making more “While I Wait” posts. Because I wait a lot.

What Was That…?

Did you say something?


Are you sure?

Ok. Then it must have been another blog post idea drifting by on the summer breeze. That would explain why I can’t remember what that topic was I wanted to write about.

I hate it when that happens.

I also hate how my speaking voice is so low that other people apparently hear it as mumbling. I really am speaking at a level that I hear as being loud. Then, when I speak loudly, to the point where I feel like I’m practically yelling, people either look at me like “why is he talking so loud?” or they flat out ask “why are you yelling?”


Oh well.

I do have a topic I thought about that I should write down. I kept thinking about it (as if I was in a YouTube video or something) and it got pretty deep. So, I need to jot that down so I don’t forget it. Maybe I’ll do that now.

-Diggs out

P.S. – when this blog eventually goes live (as in: I announce it and then “promote” it)… I’ll forget what I was thinking. No, seriously, after typing out the bit in parentheses I forgot what I was saying. I know I don’t have to write this. You’re not reading in real time as I write… I know… I’m just… nevermind.

Be Nice. Don’t Tell Me You’re Nice.


I did something silly.

Recently, I have been very good. Like very, very good.

Just this week I kept myself from buying electronics, toys, and those special glasses that help your eyes if you spend too much time looking at computer screens.

I’ve also been walking. Not too often, but more than usual.

Plus one for health!

I also realized that I had some rewards points on a credit card. Points I could trade in for spectacular products, gift cards, or even cash.


At first, I was going to take the money.

I mean, c’mon! It’s cash. Right into my pocket. However, having learned from my past (finally) I realized that money would NOT being going into my pocket. It would go into my savings. I do not touch my savings. Ever. It is for emergencies and will not be touched. So… ya. That’s where that money would go.

So good.

However, I just couldn’t help looking at the different items I could trade in the points for.

Just like how I placed those toys and glasses into my shopping cart before deciding I did not need them and they were evil and smote them right out of my cart.


Or something like that.

So I looked around, and even though I had a bunch of points, I did not have enough for the really cool stuff. That’s when I thought about my parents.

My parents are really nice, good people. They have helped me through all my hardships. I was looking at all the different gift cards and thought about how my dad would shop there occasionally, and my mom shops there like they sell oxygen. That’s when I thought about getting some gift cards to give to them.

See? Good.

But I didn’t have enough to get them both a gift card of the same amount. The place where my mom shops would need to be so much, which means my dad would get a card with a lower value. They really wouldn’t care. But even still, I was trying to get them both gift cards that would actually be valuable. I didn’t want them to end up with a gift card for $5 that would be used at a place where $5 wouldn’t really buy anything.

So, since my mom currently takes me to work almost every day (like I’m a teenager again… so, so frustrating…) I thought I’d get her a gift card to a gas station.

So, I pick the only gas station they have gift cards for and trade in my points. A few days later I get a threatening looking letter from my credit card company which, I’m not gonna lie, freaked me out. But, it turned out to be the gift card.

I walked downstairs to my mom and asked if that gas station company was still nearby. She said yes and I gave her the card. She said thanks.

And that’s it.

I know, I know. I’m being petty. And ridiculous.


I don’t know… I just expected more. Petty, yes, but still.

Later on I found the card just casually laying on the kitchen table. He was like, “what up!” and I was like “Wha… why are you just laying there… wheres… wha…” and then he was all like “chill bruh.”

So I set it on a box on the table so it would be seen. Actually, I was hoping my dad would see it. He had been walking in and out of the room preparing for something he had to go to. He had to have seen the card. But he didn’t say thing. He will usually see things and ask “what is that” or “who’s card is this?” But he didn’t say anything.

I mean, it’s not like I wanted to tell him about how I had these points and instead of trading them in to get some electronic toy I probably already have and never use anyway I used them to get mom a gas card she can use to fill up her car a couple times as a thank you for taking me to work every day, with a chance to point out how nice, and good, and great I am.

Ok, maybe a little.

But is that so bad? I did something nice and just want a little recognition.

I later asked my mom where the card was because I didn’t want it to get lost. She has it… somewhere…

And after working all day I had another little thought.

This one, not so petty.

Imagine being nice to people and telling them about how nice you are. If you can’t imagine that, imagine the person you know who behaves like that. Then, imagine all your friends feeling about you the way you all feel about that person.

Don’t be that person.

Instead you should probably just be nice. All the time.

If you’re nice to someone they will remember that interaction. They will think, “that was nice of him.”

If you’re then nice to others, that person will think, “hmm… I guess he’s nice to other people also.”

If you continue to be nice, all these people will continue to see you being nice. They will all think, “he’s such a nice guy.” Eventually, someone will say something to someone else, and if they both have the same experience with you they will talk about it.

In the end, you’ll have lots of people who all not only think independently that you are nice, but also agree that you are indeed a nice person.

This won’t be the same as having people tell you that you are nice. This won’t be the same as getting recognitions or rewards. It won’t be the same as being honored, having a park named after you, or getting the key to the city. And it will take a long long long long long long time until you get to see the outcome of being nice all the time, if you ever get to see it at all.

But so what.

If you have accomplished this, you will be liked my so many people. Not because you gave a good speech, or promised to lower taxes, or have a sexy body. But because you are a genuine nice person. You will have imprinted good feelings and happy memories onto the hearts of those around you. Your behavior will encourage others to be nice. Your niceness will live on forever. You are immortal.


But seriously. You can either be “that guy” or you can just let your behavior spread like laughter and encourage everyone around you to be nice.

I guess I’d take the latter.

-Diggs out.

P.S. – I didn’t really have a conversation with a gift card. It’s called “making a boring article interesting by causing the reader to think the author might be crazy and want to see what kind of nonsense he’ll type next.”

“Solve ALL the Problems. Now.” -Brain

So, I’m watching a video from Seeker. You should look them up on YouTube. They make good videos.

This video is about a phrase in the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the one that abolished slavery) which actually allows for slavery; but only as a punishment for crime.

For example:

You steal a bunch of stuff. You go to jail. You make license plates.

Or you clean up the highway.

Or you make… cheese? Yeah, apparently that’s a thing.

So, I’m all like

“Well, yeah, this makes sense…”

After all, teachers follow a similar scheme all the time. Parents do too.

If you break it, you fix it. It you mess it up, you clean it up. If you get it out, you put it away. If you ruin it, you replace it.

Manual labor can make people want to stop doing whatever it was they were doing to break the rules just so they don’t have to do the manual labor.

Not to mention, work builds character. Perhaps, working out in public doing jobs that show results and make the community better could actually cause inmates to feel better about themselves and want to change. Then they change and become productive members of society.

I could go on, but I don’t really want to talk about the video or the content in it.

What I really want to talk about is:

Why the hell do I care?

No, seriously.

Things like this come up all the time. Whether it’s a video, a news article, or a conversation I actually had with a real person (that’s people outside of the computer screen). There’s some issue. This issue has a problem. The problem is full of debate. And the debate is usually a hot topic issue. 😉

But seriously, there’s some issue that people have strong feelings about. There’s many ideas out there for fixing the issue. Problem is, no one can seem to agree on how to solve the issue.

And then there’s me.

When I find an issue like this I begin to “solve” it. Like, ok, I don’t actually solve the issue. But I try to. I try so hard! I look at information, create systems, build models, and generally play “guy in charge who has to fix this or the boss is gonna fire me.”

I do this a lot.



It’s not my job to solve all the problems.

Heck, I can’t even solve my own problems! What makes me think I can solve other people’s problems?

What indeed…

Maybe I try to solve issues I have absolutely no control over because there’s no way I can fail. No one is expecting me to solve the issue, so when I don’t, I didn’t actually fail. If you miss every question on your math test, you will fail. You were expected to study and pass that test. Also, since you didn’t, that failing grade will affect your overall grade in math class as well as your overall GPA, as well as your chances of getting into math club meaning you will never get to hang out with Chrissy, the regional math champion.

But if you don’t solve world hunger, everyone’s like, “ya, well, neither can Congress, so… no problem, buddy.”

And if I’m not supposed to worry about such large scale issues, at least in the context of finding actual solutions for these issues… well… who is?

-Diggs out

P.S. – OMG there’s sooooo many problems in this world!

P.P.S. – Just breath. Pray, and breath.

New Year’s Resolution


I almost missed February!

If you read my last post, you would notice that it was posted at the end of January, however I expressed my grief that I was slacking on my resolutions… while also talking about time travel.

You see, I posted that last post in February, but back scheduled it to January.

My resolutions (not really “New Year’s” resolutions) have been to complete a couple of certain tasks on a regular basis:

  1. Read the Bible every day (slacking on that…)
  2. Post the Bible Verse of the Day from the YouVersion Bible app ( mission accomplished on this front)
  3. Draw something every day and post it to Instagram (um…. I was doing this regularly… but… idk, something happened and now I don’t)
  4. Post to WordPress at least once a month (doing OK at this, if we ignore the back-post from “January”)
  5. Keep up with YouTube (yes, I have a channel. Right now I post Pokemon Go updates, but would like to do other things… what do you think I should do?)

There’s also a comic I draw once every other year… at least that’s what it seems like.

Before this post continues with the shameless self-promotion theme, let’s switch it up.

How have you been?

Are you doing well?

Are things going well for you?

I’ve had a rough couple of months. Lost some loved ones. A friend’s family lost their mom. My car got totaled by a rat…

OMG did I tell you that?!

My car got totaled by a rat.

It crawled it’s way into my car, chewed through the ventilation system, chewed up plastics, wires, and my back seat, and then died… in the car.

Insurance totaled it.

I got my money back, so that’s good.

Anyway, it’s been rough.

But I think I can make it work. Maybe one of my little hobbies mentioned here will take off? Maybe I’ll become the next big YouTube sensation? Perhaps I’ll begin my comic again and it will get lots of attention? Just maybe, I’ll write everyday and subscriber numbers will skyrocket and I’ll become the hottest blogger in the Midwest!?

For now I’ll just stick to making frozen custard treats.


I work at a Frozen Custard shop. It’s really *snickering* cool!


-Diggs out

P.S. – maybe I can get a job writing bad puns?

What Big Things?

So, a while back I promised that big things were coming. And they are… for me.

For the Internet? Maybe not.

I have many projects that I would like to work on after I move. Oh. I’m moving to Florida if you didn’t know. Not that you need to know. I could live in the south Sahara and it wouldn’t really change my blog. I might talk about sand more… 

“Hey, so, this camel spit a whole 3.5 meters yesterday! It was a crazy day.”

Anyway, after my move I’m not going to “find myself” or go on a quest to discover the true me. This move is about change. But it’s not about changing who I am. I know who I am. This change will hopefully allow me the time to actually BE who I am.

So those projects and “big things” that are a-comin’ are probably going to happen. For once I will hopefully be in a situation where I’m not bogged down with so many other responsibilities and duties *snicker* and I’ll be able to just… well, I’ll be able to just BE.

I want to do more on my blog. I want to do YouTube. I want a cool website. I want to teach people about things. I want to talk about God and Jesus. I want to change people’s lives. But more importantly I just want to be me, do the things I love, and have fun.

So, unless I slack off like usual, I’ll see you one last time before I make the jump to Florida.

Gotta find my springy shoes first. 😀

Diggs out.

Steel Against Steel, or Stone, or Paradoxen?

I was browsing through my Instagram feed for, like, the hundredth time today. I quickly realized I had seen everything in it about a dozen times.

“You need to follow more people,” I said to myself.

So, I clicked on the discover button to see what else is out there. Nothing great, and most not even good. That’s when I found a post from a Christian IG account about NASA proving the Bible right…

What? You missed that breaking story on CNN as well? Never fear. There was no story, because NASA didn’t prove the Bible right, because the story is a hoax.

The legitimacy of the story did not, however, deter people from praising Jesus. Nor did it deter people from calling the Jesus lovers “idiots.” I wouldn’t call it an argument because, well, it’s IG… you more or less like a picture, leave a comment maybe, and then move on to the next of millions of pictures asking for a double-tap. But there were a few (what I would call, but only because they have no other reason to be on this account commenting if they weren’t) trolls. Seriously, I don’t understand where these people come from. It’s as if they are browsing through IG and come upon a Christian picture. Then think to themselves, “let’s see how many reasons I can come up with that this picture is pure fantasy elves and fairy nonsense…”

I thought, if you don’t have anything nice to say…

wp_ss_20160615_0003Whatever. They were there, and that’s where I saw this (pictured). It really doesn’t make much sense. I felt so strongly at what I’m going to pick it apart for that I had to screenshot it. This person states they don’t “have the time nor patience to argue about this with someone who does not have an open mind to anything they disagree on.” Which sounds good at first. Until you realize that he was basically saying religion is dumb, science is fact, everyone who believes otherwise is an idiot. If I held the same principle about who I argued with he, by his own definition, would be someone I would avoid.

I think these people misuse the word “argue.” To argue is really just making statements that either support your side or undermine the other side. You can say whatever you want. To debate is to prove that your side is the right side. You do this with facts. If the other guy’s facts are better, more compelling, or more believable, then there’s a good chance that he is right. In that case, you would be a fool for not joining him. In a debate, you can concede defeat. You keep an open mind because, after all, you very well could be wrong.

In essence what I’m saying is this:  if you won’t argue with someone because they won’t keep an open mind you need to make sure you yourself are keeping an open mind. Or else, you are actually calling yourself a hypocrite.

Part II

wp_ss_20160615_0004Back to the discovery of IG… many of the other posts on this account were very good, uplifting, and contemplative. I really liked this one (pictured).

“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

But…  I don’t know that much about biblical times… but did they actually sharpen swords with… other swords? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen grinding wheels in historical films before. And I’m pretty sure the Japanese never sharpened their katana with other katana. You don’t sharpen blades with other blades, you use a sharpening stone-


(At least that’s how it sounded in my head… if you can picture the sound the word “REVELATION!” makes… is it “picture” a sound? Hear the sound? Imagine- it’s “imagine the sound.” I knew I’d get there.)

I read this passage and then quickly had a brief epiphany. You may not actually sharpen blades with other blades, or solid blocks of iron, or what ever this passage actually means. But if it rather said, “…stone sharpens iron…” then I actually know what that means, now at least.

Think of stone. It’s hard. It’s unmoving. It just sits there weathering away. If you call someone hardheaded you could say they were like stone. They will sit there and continue to be hardheaded, repeating the same thing over and over again. If unchanging, they will eventually weather away.

And as for you? It’s only by coming into contact with (and no I do not mean beating the daylights out of) this hardheaded person that you will get sharper. As long as you remember that you’re a blade, and not a hammer.

So like with our guy above, by talking with him and sharing information you have about Jesus, God, and the Bible you can sharpen your knowledge, wisdom, and wits. You can listen to him and hear what he has to say. Then say a little prayer for guidance, and tell him what the Holy Spirit says he needs to hear. Just don’t forget: you’re a blade, not a hammer. If you start bludgeoning the guy you will only make yourself duller. You cannot defeat the stone, and more to the point, you don’t want to defeat him. You want to give him the information he needs to make a more informative decision. If he chooses to continue believing you are an arrogant idiot, trapped in the past by a dusty old book, then that’s his choice. But beating him over the head with that dust book will only push him farther away from God even faster.

And yes. I am not blind.

If I am not careful this could all apply to me. I could become a stone; unmoving and unchanging, suffering from the weathering of ignorance and foolishness. I could just as easily be that IG poster from above. I could decide not to talk to you because you have made up your mind and will not listen to a word I say. I could decide that I am right and everyone who doesn’t believe what I believe is a fool.

On the other hand…

I could be the sharpening stone that gradually sharpens the blade that is the people who need a little help fighting the good fight. I, little old rock, could actually wear away the dings and dullness of the blade making it better able to face the world.

Or the original passage could be easily explained as well: stick with people, and they will help you grow.

Or time could freeze and the world as we know it could be locked in a 7th dimension paradox!

And that’s what it’s like talking to me.

But seriously, don’t get so hardheaded that you think you should only talk to people who’s mind you can change. And quit arguing with everybody anyway!

-Diggs out

“Evil preys on the weak… because it fears the strong.”

P.S. – it’s paradoxes. I know how to work a dictionary.