2019 In Memoriam: We Hardly Knew Me

If you’ve ever read anything of mine, which I assuming you haven’t, then you know just as much about me as the people in my IRL world. But that’s going to change soon.

Not because I am finally going “do the thing” but rather because I need to change.

And so do you.

But we’re not talking about you right now. This is about me. Don’t be so selfish. Jeez, the nerve of some people…

So there are things going on in my life, as there always are; as there are for you. And these things are finally propelling me towards the edge of touching the beginning of achieving a starting kick in the pants to pursue my goals. Eventually.

So, this is my last post of the year. And hopefully my last “I’m finally gonna do it I swear stop laughing I mean it this time” post.

Happy New Year!

-Diggs out

P.S. – I actually have 20/20 vision. ;P

One Last Thing

The following year is sure to be exciting for me. So, here is one last post (out of the many I have posted /s) to end the 2015 year.

The hope is to start anew next year. To bring new life to old passions. To renew passion in old joys. To create joy in the lives of others.

But most importantly, to finally learn how to let go of the past and move onward to tomorrow. That’s my only resolution: To be better than I was.

And eat less junk food. Because, you know, diabetes and cancer. I hear those are bad.

Peace from the past! Enjoy today before it turns into tomorrow.

Diggs out.

P.S. – I’m so happy I finally learned how to spell “tommorrow” correctly, without needing spell check! Yay me!