Spring is in the Air

Guess what?

It’s Spring!

You know what that means?

“Teacher, can we have computer class outside? It’s soooooo nice out!”

Really?… You don’t listen inside with nothing but frosted windows and computer posters to stare at. You think cars driving by, birds, the wind blowing through the trees, the occasional lost dog, the smell of freshly cut grass, dandelions blowing in the wind, squirrels gathering nuts, and the sun glistening through the clouds which look a lot like that one guy from the Walking Dead TV show that everyone is always yelling at isn’t going to be distracting?

Yay spring… but also “boo spring!”

-Diggs, out.

P.S. – but seriously, YAY SPRING! That means I’ll be able to go on more walks!

Busy Summer

So, it’s been a really busy summer for me. Not that I did that much typing before summer… I just don’t have anything annoying me that much recently. Well, that’s not entirely true. There’s always something annoying me. There’s just nothing annoying me enough recently to make me want to spend time typing it out on the Internet.

See you next time.