#While I wait Number 1

I always find myself waiting. Whether I’m waiting for someone to call me. Waiting for someone to pick me up. Waiting for a TV show to come on. Waiting for someone to get off work. I am always waiting.

Sometimes I’m waiting on myself. Sometimes I’m waiting on God. Sometimes I’m waiting for… nothing… or something. Something big.

I usually sit around on my phone, parsing posts on Facebook, looking at pics on Instagram, or reading articles from news sites. Hardly a good use of my time.

So, how about this? Instead of wasting my time, I’m going to use it to do that “writing” I keep talk about doing.

From this day forward I will have hijacked the hash tag #WhileIWait. I won’t be numbering them all. Even though I numbered this one. I have a bad memory. And I don’t like reading… back through my own stuff to see what number I’m on… it’s not a perfect system.

So that’s my new thing. And this is my first #WhileIWait. Enjoy.