Ok, so, here’s the deal…

UPDATE: The deal changed. But feel free to read the original post anyway. FYI: I didn’t move. Well, I did. But I moved back.

I am a very particular person.

I like things a certain way.

I like to customize things my way.

When I want something to look a certain way, I want it to look a certain way.

I can’t stand it when I want something to look a certain way and I just can’t make it look that way.

When I can’t make it look the way I want it to look, I create it from scratch to make it my own.

That’s why we have children, right?

“My child will never behave like that.”

“I will never let my child watch so much TV just to keep them occupied.”

“I would never buy my 9 year old an iPhone.”


You say that now, but then you actually get there and you’re moving your blog to another hosting platform just so you can access the custom CSS editor and finally be able to make your site look exactly how you want it to look.

So, ya… I will be moving.

My blog, that is.

I’m going to have a custom domain name. I’ll have access to my CSS editor. I’ll even be able to edit templates and WordPress files. Hopefully, if everything goes well, I’ll be able to import my current site to my new site. That means that all likes, comments, posts, media, and links will still remain intact. I hope. I think.

I would start over, but I’ve started over sooooooo many times in the past. It’s not like I have a huge following, but I’d like everything to just stay the same. This blog won’t disappear (at least not suddenly). But, I will eventually move over to the new site.

I’ll post an update when I do. Then you all can follow me! Yay! 😀

Oh, and that child thing…

Have kids. Then you’ll see why it’s just so difficult NOT to do all that stuff. You’ll also find out why it’s so tempting TO do all that stuff.

-Diggs out

P.S. – kids are great.

P.P.S. – no, seriously.

Bloggers Revelation on Getting Visitors

I just had a revelation (while thinking about another persons blog I read recently) on getting visitors to your site.

I’m sitting here reading my own blog posts and being very interested in them. Now, of course I would be interested in them, as the person who wrote them shares my writing style, humor, and even verbage (’cause it’s me). But I also simply found the stories, which are very old stories I haven’t read in a long while, to be funny, informative, and insightful. Why does no one else want to read my blog posts?

I know there are a bah-gillion blogs out there, and among them mine is one with a crappy update timeline. However, I’ve got some great things to say, and some interesting ways to say it. So why does no one dive into my pool of awesome (I use chlorine)?

I think blogs work one of three ways: buying viewers, selling viewers, and guilting viewers.

Buying viewers consists of paying to have your blogs domain name or specific URL pasted everywhere people might wind up, even if by accident. These blogs pay services to make sure they are listed at the top of search results, and in advertisements.

By selling viewers I mean selling them on your product, or in this case, your service as an informational or entertaining piece of literature. If you have something worthwhile to tell people, and they liked what you told them before, they will come back. (I believe I have something to this effect… it’s just not consistent)

Then there is every WordPress and Blogger site on the planet (nearly). WordPress and Blogger basically do the same thing as Farmville on Facebook. If my friend send me a digital pig, I feel obligated to accept it for fear my web-enabled friend will shun me. (I never give in to these things, but that’s the best example I could come up with that didn’t require thinking…) The same thing happens on WordPress, Blogger, My Opera, and any other blog which holds its own social networking component. I have only read and since subscribed to other blogs in the WordPress universe because I received the “Someone read your blog, now quit being a douche and read theirs!” email from the WordPress servers. I’m sorry to say, unless WordPress sends me and update via email, I don’t even visit those blogs. However, I have this gut feeling that if I read more blogs on the WordPress site, and even commented on them I would get more viewers in return. (Of course, I’d also have to write more than one post every new moon)


I guess in the world of social interactions you can’t afford to be a wallflower. That’s too bad. I really like their songs.

Come on cry a little. Nothing is forever… One headlight, baby!