Why I’m Not Writing

I haven’t been writing that much lately…

Ok, I barely ever write anything down. As a matter of fact, my whole “I’m gonna write at least once a month” plan has pretty much burned up in the atmosphere on its way into the depths of a volcano. An ice volcano. In the Bahamas. On Christmas.

Point: I don’t write often. I don’t write as often as I like. I think about all sorts of things all the time. But I never write them down. The reason for this is simple, yet contrary to the primary purpose of the internet: I’ll complain too much.

Almost everything I have the idea to write about is just complaining about something someone else has said, done, or complained about. And while I think of my writing as humorous, I see that others either take me seriously enough to join my imaginary army against stupidity, or not serious at all; assuming I’m posting click bait for under evolved primate brethren.

So, I try not to complain as much. And yes, it does partially have something to do with the way some people *cough* trolls *cough* just want to ruin your life. I’m honestly not worried about them. Unless I know them personally. Then I get too self conscious to write anymore.

So, those big things I said were coming are still on the way. I just have to figure out how to speak my mind without whining so much.

-Diggs out