My Construction

Who wants to know?

If you’ve already read some of my posts, then you know I can be sarcastic. Unless you read one of my serious posts. Then you know I can be serious. And if you haven’t read any of my posts, then you can rest assured I am an intellectual being. If you don’t care, then why are you here?

I tried college and it didn’t work out well. Now I work my butt off trying to make ends meet so I can write in blogs on the Internet about once a month (And, yes, every month I tell myself I need to write more). I try to be smart, but sometimes it just don’t work. However, I am pretty good at pointing out flaws and solving problems. That’s where my comentary comes from. My sheer intellectual superiority (and some dilusions) allows me to solve all the world’s problems. But I don’t wanna… so I’ll provide the solutions and someone else can make it happen.

Currently, by day I am a manager at a frozen custard shoppe. By night, I am really tired from working with teens all day long. And, on a very serious note: I am Catholic. Just sayin’. The Internet can be a weird place, and I don’t want to offend anyone, but seriously, if you think you know me because I say “I’m Catholic” then we have bigger problems than whether or not I believe an invisible deity made the Earth in seven days.

Check out my stuff, find me on the socials, and enjoy your day.

-Diggs out.

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