A Post for the End of the Year

I love the idea of blogging. If I were more social I would probably make great friends with other bloggers, extending my own reach and helping others to extend theirs as well. Of course, if I were more social there’s a good chance that I would make friends with people off-line and go out and do things in the real world.

Either way, the main reason I am writing this right now (at quarter after 1 in the morning) is mostly because I can’t sleep. But also because I am tired. Hang on, I’ll explain.

I am tired of seeing others do so much and thinking to myself, “I could to that. It looks easy. Spit out a video/post/song/picture every so often? Piece of cake…” The issue remains, however, that cake doesn’t initially come in pieces. First of all, you have to bake the stupid thing. Then you have to cut it into pieces. And of course one person only wants a center piece, another doesn’t like a lot of icing, and yet another will eat any piece as long as it’s a bigger one, not from the corner, with lots of icing, and you serve it to them on the back of a polar bear. The point I’m trying to make is that one single piece of cake takes a lot of work to produce. What you are left with after your hard work is not only the satisfaction of a job well done, or the gratification of the chocolaty goodness in your face hole. You also have a group of people around you whose mouths are full of cake. Which gives you the perfect time to tell them whatever has been on your mind.

My new years resolution for this season is to stuff cake in the mouths of all of those around me. Then, fill their minds with knowledges and humors. I will regurgitate some old material from time to time, but I will also continue to prepare new cakes for you to devour, in the hopes that I make the world a better place.

Although, I will gladly settle for “just another blogger.”

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