Time Travel

There’s not really going to be much here about time travel. I was shooting for posting something every month… but I missed January by like a day or two. So I’m technically posting this for January, even though it’s already February.

With that said…

Time travel is impossible. Unless you consider the natural progression through a day, week, year etc. to be traveling forward in time; albeit at a rate of 1x normal time, or normal speed.

Which isn’t very fun.

Sometimes I wish I lived in TV time. Just think:

There’s my house. Here I come walking into my house after after long, hard day at the office. Shenanigans ensue, I’m sure, but at least I got to bypass actually being at work. TV time works like this: the important moments for your character are lived, while the unimportant events, activities, and other moments are simply eluded to. You don’t actually have to waste time experiencing them… of course, I guess you did experience them… because, after all, they have affected you in some way. You come in the house exhausted from working in your office, with your boss and coworkers, with crazy things happening  (which you’ll probably explain to another character later). It has affected you, so maybe you did experience it, just off camera? OK, so, this isn’t perfect. TV time is just a trick, I know.


Movie time is a little bit better in some respects. Going on a long trip? Get on the plane and arrive at your destination minutes later. But unless your plane ride was uneventful, you’d still be affected by that loud snoring guy, or the kid kicking the back of your seat, or the lady who spilled her peanuts everywhere.

Ok, so…

It’s all another trick.

Book time would be horrible. You’d spend hours on sights, sounds, feelings, and thoughts which, in the real world, would take just minutes for your brain to process.

Video game time would be just as bad as TV and movie time. You’d spend an hour or more fighting aliens or assembling blocks only for a quick cut scene before arriving at your next mission. You do all that work and don’t even get a break! That’s actually worse than TV time.

If I had to pick one aspect of time from TV, movies, games, and even books it would be the flashback. Sure, I can reminisce about times long past. I can even be nostalgic with friends and family, and possibly get a different viewpoint or have someone fill in the blanks (now that it’s years later and, hey, you can’t get mad about something that happened years ago. It’s over. Long gone. In the past. No big deal…)

But a flashback is so much more. The characters are actually reliving a certain moment of their lives. Sometimes it’s a moment no one really remembers that well and everyone can piece it back together. It’s better than a lasting memory, a picture, or even a video. Flashbacks would be cool.

But, oh well.

Time travel isn’t possible. In all actuality, time isn’t even really a thing. Sure, Einstein called it the “fabric of space-time,” but that was just a way to visualize gravity’s effect on localized objects from different reference points as related to the apparent passage of time for those objects. 


OK then. Time for me to go. I’ve got one of those long days coming up. My theme song isn’t playing yet, so it seems like I won’t be able to skip to my return home for the day.


-Diggs out

P.S. – I like science and I watch a lot of science videos on YouTube… but can anyone tell me if I was remotely close about the Einstein stuff. I think I am, but I could be wrong. After all, I’m no scientist.

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