High Expectations Are Bad for Your Health

Having high expectations can be very dangerous, not only for your mental health but for your physical health as well.

Maybe. I’m sure that’s what you want to read about now, but let’s be honest: I’m not qualified to talk about most things I write about. And health… well, I’m REALLY not qualified to talk about that. This title and opening sentence is really just something I thought was clever and eye catching. Something that would bring you into the actual meat of my post. And it’s good meat. Grass fed. Free range.

You see, there’s the possibility that I can move out of where I live now into a place of my own (in a sense). And this possibility has me overthinking. However, unlike how I usually overthink, I am thinking of all the positives: I’ll have more personal space. I’ll be free to write and draw more. And hey, maybe even make a few YouTube videos. I’ll have space to myself with no one to bug me, question me, or make me nervous.

However, it’s a long shot that this will happen. And it may not even happen. And if it does happen, it won’t happen soon. But I really want it to happen. I have the expectation that it will happen. When it happens, I will be much happier. I’ll be more free. I’ll be more well. Healthier. More creative.

And that is stopping me from doing anything now. Why work so hard right now when things will be much easier for me in the near future?

Why save my money when lottery payouts are climbing and someone has to win so why not me?

I guess my title isn’t that far off. Having high expectations can drive you insane. Especially if you are relying on what you’re expecting to make you happier. You will experience a range of emotions from disappointment to embarrassment if nothing comes of it. But you will also be subject to at least a few physical issues. Mental issues can cause a range of physical health issues such as digestive issues, anxiety, restlessness, poor sleep, and even irritation. You could wind up lashing out at people, fall into depression, or simply not enjoy friends and hobbies as much. And each of these issues can cause the others…

Somebody told me

you had a boyfriend

who looked like a girlfriend

that I had in Feb-

Sorry…. someone once told me not to have high expectations. They are almost never met. Having low expectations could work out: you’d be happy whether your expectation were met or exceeded. But, also not happy if your expectations were simply met.

So don’t have expectations, right?

Well… I’m still working on an answer to that question. In the mean time I’m going try and enjoy where I am, do the things I love, and take advantage of the personal space I get, when I get it.

-Diggs out

P.S. – Sorry for the misdirection that ended up being a direction. Sometimes I plan them and sometimes they just happen.

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