My Story vs My Stories

This is an unused YouTube video script. It would have been a part of my vlog series. I hope it can help someone out there, or at least be entertaining. This one was about stories.

Don’t tell anyone, but I am secretly an award winning novelist.

*Pointing to head*

In here

I love stories, and I love telling stories.

In fact, the reason I love reading so much is because of-

Ok, I don’t want to lie. I hate reading. I prefer movies.

The reason I love movies over books is a story for another time.


The reason I end up liking a movie is either

The visual effects are impressive.


The story is good.

I can’t tell you how many big budget movies I’ve watched with a horrible story that just ruined the experience.

Like in the Day After Tomorrow one of the kids says he has to pick up his little brother, but then they get snowed in at the library, the dad finds them, they’re picked up by helicopters, and the movie ends WITH NO MENTION OF THE BROTHER.

Bad story telling.

Don’t introduce a plot point you have no intention of following up.


I love telling stories.

And I love writing stories.

I love coming up with story lines.

And I love figuring out how to make a story progress when there seems to be no way to make the plot move forward.

I’m just not good at it in real life…

My personal story is one of loss, sadness, retribution, growth, and LEGO bricks.

And while I can tell you about the first part of my story, I have a hard time coming up with a second part.

There’s lots of resolutions for my story.

Many, many ways it could end.

But its just not that simple.

When I write a story I get to select everything about the story.

The setting, characters, plot, powers, locations, bad guys, good guys, everything.

But IRL I really only get to choose how I react to the stuff that happens in the world.

I get to choose how to respond.

I get to choose who to spend time with.

I get to choose what to eat for dinner.

But I haven’t really been able to choose the plot of my life.

And thats a big difference between real life and my stories.

My life isn’t a story. Its my life.

Things are going to change

The unexpected is going to happen

There will be ups and downs

But the most important part is to just keep writing.


(Something about this being the most sentimental smooshy video so far)

-Diggs out

P.S. – just because I stopped making YouTube videos doesn’t mean I stopped writing my story.

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