#NoWasteNovember is Back

No time like a week into the month to make the announcement: #NoWasteNovember is back!

If you’re unaware, I rarely shave anyway. So, instead of being that person who gives up pie for lent when you don’t even like pie and eating cake all the time but not pie isn’t giving up anything you lazy bum give up CAKE!…

Eh hem… I don’t do No Shave November because, as I just stated, I rarely shave anyway. So as I began thinking about alternatives, adding a different no-no in-between “no” and “November” I stumbled upon No Watse November. That sounded neat. And it sounded doable. And it sounded like something that would have a very specific meaning (no trash) yet it would easily be expandable (don’t waste time, don’t waste money, don’t waste electricity…).

Last year I chugged along and made a few posts, created a web page on a free hosting site, actually registered the domain name www.nowastenovember.com and set out to change the world…

Which is what I do every time I get an idea. And like every other time I fumbled the ball, the other team grabbed it and so many touch downs were scored I had to take an early retirement. However…

I began recycling glass bottles from work. We have a full coffee bar setup, and we make ALL THE COFFEES. And as is the case we use a lot of flavorings and syrups. Most of these come in glass bottles, about the size of a wine bottle. And like most glass bottles, they are 100% recyclable. It’s glass. Glass and aluminum are infinitely recyclable. Seeing as we don’t have anything that comes in aluminum cans I decided to collect and recycle the glass bottles.

And I guess I’ve been doing it for about a year now. I didn’t recycle for the past month or so… You see, I have a small trash can where the baristas must toss the bottle. I then collect them when the can is full. However, sometime I just dont get to. So, they theow bottle in the trash until I empty the glass recycle can. One night, the owner told one of the assistant managers to just throw the bottles away becase it was overflowing. He threw the bottles away… along with my recycling can. So, I had to go buy a new one. And now I have to take these bottles to have recycled yet again.

But that’s a good thing. I have been recycling these bottle for about a year. And it all started with No Waste November. So, I’m doing some good… even if I’m literally the only one doing good because of my theme month.

But that’s still something!

-Diggs out

P.S. – #NoWasteNovember

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