Some New Year’s Goals

Let’s get this fire going so it can fizzle out and I can get back to my boring, non-productive life.

First of all, I don’t do “resolutions”. They’re not real. Nobody means it when they make a resolution. It’s just a front to seem like you’ve learned something from the past year, and you’re ready to grow. But it’s a farce. People don’t keep New Year’s resolutions.

Instead of making “resolutions” that I don’t intend to keep, I will be making goals that I will strive to achieve. What’s the difference? Simple. A resolution happens now. A goal is in the future; something to aim for. My goals do not have to happen now, and if I have not met them by the end of January I have not failed, yet.

So, my goals will be as follows:

1.)  Write more

I have always written things down for many reasons. But, as usual, I don’t find purpose in doing something for no reason. However, there is a reason for this: practice. Free writing is the best way to practice general writing. So, I will begin a new set of notes on my tablet and just write something every day. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be a poem, song lyrics, a thought, a story, something that happened that day… anything.

2.)  Draw more

I used to love to draw. I have comic characters that I used to make comics about. But I also liked doodling. Lately, drawing feels like so much work, though. I have to think of something, then sketch it, then draw it out, fix all the flaws, maybe even color it, add lighting and shadows, maybe some texture… it’s just so complicated. But like writing, I am going to focus on drawing anything. From lines and spheres, to comics and landscapes. It doesn’t matter what I draw as long as I draw something.

3.)  Take more notes

I have ideas all the time. Sometimes I write them down. But most of the time, I don’t. So, I’m going to make it a point to write down thoughts and ideas that I have, more often. The main focus will be just writing them down. I’ll focus on organizing them next year. 😉 This will get the ideas out of my head, make me feel better about not forgetting them, and allow me to relax knowing that I now have a book full of millions dollars ideas. :,,D

4.)  Be more happy

This is a tough one. Some people believe that you can be happy just by being happy. Others believe that you need things or people that make you happy in order to be happy. I’m going to lean more towards the former. Simply because things come and go, and relying on things or other people to make me happy all the time just doesn’t make any sense. So, I’m going to try and make myself happy just by being happy.

5.)  Be more fair to myself

Nothing I want to do will be easy. There’s a lot of difficulties I have to work with. There’s going to be obstacles that I will have to overcome. And most importantly, there’s no one with a “finish line” that’a worth crossing except me. So, I can always change the plan, push myself harder, loosen up a little, and decide what the goals are as well as when I’ve met them. This frees me to fail, and being free to fail without lashback is the most freedom I’ve ever felt.

Hopefully, this will work. And quite honestly, it took me long enough to write all this (mostly because I’m watching YouTube) and I’m tired, so…

Here’s to me. Go me. You can do it.

-Diggs out

P.S. – YouTube will have to wait… I mean, that YouTube channel I always thought I could have.

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